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All laser beams result from the stimulated emission of electromagnetic radiation, but there are quite a few ways to produce that effect. Many Orange County companies today, for instance, own laser engraving systems including tubes filled with gases like carbon dioxide that are used to generating focused, intense beams of light.

When even more power is required, an appropriately prepared piece of fiber-optic cable will often prove a more suitable solution. Companies that offer fiber laser cutting services in the area consistently end up being rewarding to work with for a variety of reasons.

The Best Way to Cut Many Materials
Gas lasers can deliver fairly high amounts of energy when appropriately designed and powered. They tend to reach their limits fairly quickly, though, at which point a more suitable solution will need to be found.

Lasers that use fiber-optic cabling to concentrate and amplify light end up outperforming gas ones in many demanding applications. Automated, fiber laser cutting devices can enable many benefits for businesses that arrange to have work performed by them. Choosing the right Orange County Automatic Fiber Laser Cutting service will often convey advantages regarding:
Cutting power.

The tubes found in most gas laser cutting machines are fairly compact, and that limits the amount of optical gain they can generate. Fiber laser cutting machines can contain continuous strands of drawn glass that are miles long, in certain cases. Being able to channel photons through such long distances allows for huge amounts of cutting power when needed. That will often mean being able to cut through sheets of material that a gas-based laser could hardly scratch.

Accuracy. Although lasers that rely on gas tubes can be fairly precise and accurate, they have definite limits. Generating a laser beam using a length of fiber-optic cable ensures higher levels of focus in just about every case. A local laser cutting company that uses this technology will often be able to produce results that competitors could not even contemplate.
An Accessible, Cost-Effective Option

Many of the leading OC laser cutting specialists own and use fiber laser machines to best serve their clients. Having pieces of material cut using an automatic fiber laser system will often be the best option of all.

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