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The Two Most Important Issues to Consider When Looking for an Orange County Press Brake Service

Cresco Fabrication owns and operates five press brakes, all Amada brand to ensure accurate and consistent bending of sheet and plate. Capacities up to ½” thick and as long as 12’ allow Cresco to produce any press brake job you need in Orange County, CA.

Each of our press brake machines has its own set of brake dies and tooling. This allows for some machines to form extremely cosmetically critical parts. With the optional tooling of (6) different forming top tools and (8) various bottom dies, Cresco can bend any design possible to meet your project requirements.

Being able to bend pieces of metal precisely and reliably is an important requirement for many common projects. Most often, a machine called a “press brake” will be the most suitable tool for such work.

Choosing the right press brake company for a given production run or other occasion will make success a lot more likely in just about every case. Deciding which Orange County Press Brake Service will be the best to rely on never needs to be all that complicated, either.
The Right Press Brake for Any Job

How a local press brake business approaches its work and providing service to its customers will always matter a great deal. On the other hand, the particulars of the equipment that will be used will impact the suitability of any such company to various clients and projects.

Fortunately, there are only a handful of straightforward issues that impact how particular press brakes function. Some of the details that it will always be helpful to take into account Material length. Every press brake can only accommodate stock of up to a certain, set length. As each project that might require the use of a press brake will include its own characteristic, corresponding figures, it will always be necessary to make sure they can be accommodated. In most cases, though, this issue will be of such fundamental concern that it will be impossible to overlook.
Press force.

A press brake of any design will only be able to generate a certain amount of force. Should the thickness of the material to be bent or the shape of the desired curve necessitate more power, a different solution will need to be found. Recognizing whether a given press brake can apply enough force for a specified project will generally require referring to the associated details.

Our Experts are Ready to Answer Questions
In addition to fundamental issues like these, additional details such as stroke length often impact the suitability of a given press brake service to particular projects. Fortunately, press brake owners and operators will normally be ready to answer any questions their prospective clients might have. In practice, identifying and choosing an appropriate press brake business should never be a problem.

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