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Fabrication and welding of wrought iron are processes that include working with all sizes and shapes of metal. Regardless of the job that needs to be done, hiring an Orange County Wrought Iron Fabricator offers an array of benefits. Our wrought iron team of fabricators will work with you from start till finish to achieve the perfect product for you or your company.

Construction of New Wrought Iron Structures

If you have plans to build a new wrought iron structure or want to add on to an existing one, our team of fabrication and ironworks specialist can help ensure the construction is structurally sound and well built. Our metal fabrication methods are going to help to reinforce the structure and allow a person to build without having to compromise their security or safety.

Custom Wrought Iron Design Services

If a person is looking to create a custom structure or needs an ornamental piece, then a fabrication and welding specialist will be able to provide the help needed. The professionals in this industry have experience creating results that are tailored to the needs of a specific client, which means there’s no reason to stick with cookie-cutter plans that aren’t what’s needed.
Wrought Iron Structural Repairs

If a wrought iron project needs reinforcement, you can trust our fabrication and welding experts to take care of the job that needs to be done. We can examine the property and figure out what needs to be done to ensure the stability and safety of the structure. The reinforcement of metal can go quite a way in extending the building’s life.

As anyone can see, there are more than a few benefits offered by hiring our professional team for welding and fabrication services. However, finding the right professional for this job is a must to achieve the quality results expected and needed. Be sure to take some time to find this quality service provider for the best results.

Don’t underestimate the benefits of hiring OC Metal Fab. We are going to ensure a job is done properly, regardless of how small, big, or complex it may be. Being informed is the best way to ensure that any job is handled properly.

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We offer metal fabrication services such as: Sheet Metal Shearing and Cutting, Milling, Assemble Services, Wrought iron design & fabrication, automatic Fiber Laser Cutting, Turret Punching (auto), Press brake, Line graining, Pem hydraulic press, Robotic welding, Mig & tig welding, Automatic band saw cutting and more!

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We are a family-owned local OC metal fabrication company that prides ourselves in providing expert metal fabrication services to our client's nationwide.

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